This documentation serves as a set of notes for the developer and a record of testing & implementation for those individuals who wish to better understand the technical details of forking the Cookiecutter Repo on GitHub in order to implement a new cookeicutter.json format spec as proposed by hackebrot’s cookiecutter pull request #848.

Cookiecutter References

The following are useful Cookiecutter references:


The initial implementation & test of this work was done over the course of 8 days between 20 Oct and 28 Oct 2017. After 100% test coverage was attained, the code was re-visited due to an implementation defect in the handling of extra context overwrites – it needed to be more sophisticated for v2 contexts. The defect resolution was attained on 29 Oct 2017 with 100% test coverage; however, more tests were added on 30 Oct 2017 to cover all extra context overwrites for each type of field supported in the v2 context.

A couple days were consumed implementing and testing a utility to allow easy conversion of a version 1 cookiecutter template file to version 2 file. This effort is a separate GitHub project.