In the course of doing this implementation a couple of utitlity tools were developed and are presented herein.

Context Dump Utility

This utility allows one to play with different cookiecutter.json and see what context variables are produced without actually doing any jinja2 rendering of files.

This very same functionality could be easily attained using cookiecutter if the command line interface supported a –dumpcontext option.

Usage: [OPTIONS]

Load the specified json object from the –cct PATH and if –no-input is omitted, prompt the user for input. After all input is gathered, the template’s context is dumped.
--cct PATH Path to a Cookiecutter template file (cct), defaults to ‘cookiecutter.json’
--no-input Do not prompt for parameters and only use cookiecutter.json file content
--tdump If specified, dump the input Cookiecutter template file specified by the –cct PATH option
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

Requires an environment that includes a cookiecutter installation.

Template Transformer

This utility will convert a version 1 cookiecutter.json file to version 2.

The original cookiecutter.json file will be renamed cookiecutter_v1.json and the transformed version 2 file will become cookiecutter.json.