Apologies for the length of this document, but it helped me clarify my thoughts as I progressed through the implementation. Most things don’t seem all that complicated from afar, but when you start looking at them with a microscope, you can get shoulder’s deep in no time. Write ups help me deal with complexity.

It is obvious from the discussion in hackebrot’s cookiecutter pull request #848 that the Cookiecutter maintainers and community feel that adding v2 context support is a fairly risky thing that will certainly increase the overall support effort. Those sentiments are definitely valid from my perspective as well.

This whole digression for me snowballed gradually and then gained momentum simply because I wanted a “skip_if” feature and I was so impressed by hachebrot’s code.

Another apology for not including Python 2.7 support as per the Contributor Guidelines – I lack the ergs to do it now – I would like to say that quite honestly, for me Python 2.7 is a blip on the horizon in my rear-view mirror. However, with some help, I am sure we could clear this hurdle.

Anyway, I do want to make the pull request available regardless, to generate some discussion and feedback. Perhaps it will ulitmately lead to something positive for the Cookiecutter community.

As menioned in the introduction, I have a repo here containing a command line tool that will convert a version 1 template to a version 2 template. I of course will not deploy it to PyPI since it would, no doubt, cause all sorts of confusion. But it is available for experimentation.

Anyway, I shall submit my pull request now... if anyone actually read this far, I am impressed with your fortitude.